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About Us

About us | Gray and Lane Kids

Gray and Lane Kids believes in the importance of imaginative play in early childhood development. Our playful shop offers a collection of quality toys, books, STEM based projects, arts and crafts supplies, and teacher resources to keep young and curious minds actively growing.

Gray and Lane Kids is built around the imagination of two tiny sisters, Olivia Gray and Clara Lane, who passed up a lemonade stand, and with lots of help from mom and dad, opened a playful shop for kids instead.

Our Philanthropic Efforts

Philanthropy | Gray and Lane Kids

Each month, Gray and Lane puts new toys and activities to a month long test. This helps us to identify which toys have true staying power, hold our kids interest and truly create value in their lives. At the end of the month, after we write our reviews and recommendations, we donate those toys to little girls and boys in need. Our love reaches to local shelters, orphanages, children's hospitals, schools and deep into the community.

During the holiday's, we ramp up our giving by donating one new toy for every $100 spent in our store.  

We hope to instill empathy, compassion, and selflessness in Olivia and Clara through our philanthropy efforts, and bring a smile to our new friends along the way. Join us in our efforts to raise well balanced, compassionate children by giving back in your own community. 

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